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Frequently Asked Questions

                                                   Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I'm unable to provide access to the cleaning staff? 

That's okay! Just leave us detailed instructions when you schedule your appointment, so we know how to gain access to your home. Your home will be locked when the cleaner leaves.

Am I required to be present during the cleaning service?

You do not have to be home for your cleaning as long as your cleaner has proper instructions before entering and exiting your home. Please input these instructions when booking your appointment.

May I schedule a cleaning over the phone?

Yes, absolutely! Give us a call at (631) 870-0325 and we will set you up with one of our experienced cleaners.

Where do you serve?

We serve Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Are you insured against damages? What about theft?
At Park Avenue cleaning Inc, we treat your home and/or office, as we would our own. With our professional training, we can minimize the risk of accidental damages and theft. However, in the event that an object is accidentally damaged through negligence, please notify our office within 24 hours of your appointment and we shall investigate immediately. We will not be liable for damage through wear and tear. We understand that our clients have sentimentally valuable items which may not be replaceable, which is why we take extra care in your home to be careful of all your belongings.

Park Avenue cleaning Inc, will conduct an immediate and through investigation in the unlikely incident of theft. If deemed necessary, the matter will be reported to the police.

Will I be responsible for supplying cleaning supplies?

Our cleaning staff are well equipped and arrive with all cleaning products, cloths and mops for home appointments. However, for sanitary reasons, we ask that clients provide some basic cleaning tools of their own, such as a toilet bowl brush and broom.  Keep in mind, that the better quality these tools are, the more efficient our cleaners can be.

Should I choose a green cleaning for my home or business?
Our Green Clean service  is a personal and enlightened choice, about quality of life today and a personal desire of each individual. Opting for our green cleaning service will not only improve the health of your environment, but also may provide a healthier cleaning option for you. The chemicals found in many cleaning products in your home, typically, pose risk to your well-being. Continuous exposure to these toxins can potentially have an adverse impact on you, your family, clients and pets. Allergy sufferers and everyone can benefit immensely from opting for our green cleaning service.

What happens if I wish to cancel my contract/appointment?
We request at least three working days' notice to cancel or postpone appointments without charge, although as much notice as possible is appreciated. Cancellation or postponement of appointments with less than three working days' notice will be charged at half price of the scheduled cleaning. Cancellation or postponement of appointments with less than 24 hours' notice will be charged at full rate of the scheduled cleaning.

How much does a Green Clean service cost?  

Packages vary, depending on number of rooms, regularity of bookings and size of your home/space, with the duration of your appointment  a minimum of 3 hours is required. Also all new clients are required to get an initial deep clean. Our cleaning products are included in the package. We can also offer a one-time single deep cleaning appointment, ideal for move in/out, pre-festival or special occasions. You can schedule weekly, twice-weekly, twice-monthly or monthly appointments.

Who do I contact if I have any issues or questions?

Please feel free to contact us via website: [email protected] or phone: (631) 870-0325

Services and Situations, we can not address


Exterior windows

Carpet cleaning

Animal waste

Bedbug infested homes/spaces

Mold removal

Rust removal 

Industrial cleaning

Lifting of heavy items over 20 Lbs.

Hoarding Situations