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Park Avenue Cleaning, Inc.

Long Island's Natural Aromatherapy  cleaning Service..  

Commercial Cleaning

At Park Avenue Cleaning, Inc. We offer Eco-friendly commercial cleaning services. We take pride in our green cleaning products to ensure the health of our clients as well as your employees and clients. We handle all types of properties and industries.

Office Spaces

  • Vacuum all carpets corner to corner
  • Mop all hard surfaces
  • Spot clean and dust walls
  • Dust all ledges and surfaces
  • Clean all cabinetry  outside
  • Polish  woodwork
  • Clean break room
  • Clean interior glass
  • Clean janitorial closet
  • Clean elevator
  • Clean lobby and vestibule
  • Clean doors and thresholds
  • Clean reception area
  • Clean fire extinguishers and fire alarms
  • Clean windows and frames inside 
  • Clean around dumpster


  • Sweep, mop, and sanitize floors
  • Scrub tile floors
  • Clean sinks, faucets and countertops
  • Clean toilets and urinals
  • Clean walls and partitions
  • Polish stainless steel
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Clean and polish drinking fountain
  • Clean all fixtures